My life story is very simple. I’ve always been a very good student, good daughter and been focused on education, going to Sunday mass and spending time with my friends and family  like everyone else my age in Poland. Things changed when I turned 18 years old. I’ve decided I’m leaving the country on my own to explore other cultrue and become independent. Many people were wondering why I am making such a mistake and emigrate to work in the UK instead of studying at university like every other good student. I did really want to study Spanish philology at university in one of the biggest cities of Poland. However my parents could not afford it and studying this language at hometown seemed to me like it is undermining my abilities. I wanted to give myself one year of break before I decide what exactly I want to do. I have become an au pair in England as I was experienced in working with kids and really enjoyed it. What’s more – I could improve my English and get to know British culture. I was lucky that one of my friends was going by car to England at the same time as I found suitable family. I didn’t have a lot of money so I travelled with him for exactly 24 hours, and started the adventure that I will never forget.

On a ferry, travelling for the first time to the UK in August 2012

Being an au pair in the southern England, was one of the best experiences of my life. I got to know so many other girls my age, who did exactly same thing as me and loved it. We were very lucky with our families who treated us very well and made us feel like we’re at home. Weekends off allowed us to travel around and see so many places like beautiful Winchester, Oxford, London, Bournemouth, little Lymington and many more other cities. Not mentioning good night life of Southampton!

Winchester, 2012

Obviously sometimes you do feel homesick and sad not to be able to hug your mum and talk to her on daily basis. Nevertheless I believe that this experience deepened my relation with her and made me realise how important my mum is in my life. Nowadays with all the Internet access, Facebook and Skype has become a natural thing that keeps me in touch with everyone. The truth is, your family will be always there to help you, no matter what happens. Real friends don’t care how far you moved and will always be your friends (if they are real). And if you haven’t talk with them in ages, you don’t need to worry, because when you are in trouble or they are, they will talk. Not talking means that everything is ok. Then when you finally meet, you can have a long catch up while drinking a nice cup of tea or coffee and it will seem like you haven’t been gone at all.


Coming back to my story, time was flying and I had to make more serious decisions. What was I going to do after my gap year? Well, I had many options. In the end I decided to stay in southern England.  I got an offer from University of Portsmouth. Not only location and job offer but also city itself convinced me to stay. Also I found my other half here, and I’d be lying if I said I did not stay because of him.

DSCN0421            Portsmouth

I have started my degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies, I have been working at different jobs. It was not easy to work and study at the same time. I had no days off really, I had no time for myself. I tried to go out, but thought of waking up next day for work, did not make it tempting. At the end, I have passed first year without problems and few days ago I finished my last exams of the second year. One of the best things about studying languages in England, is that you are obliged to go and live abroad during your third year. I am not an exception. I need to go to Spain for half a year, and Latin America for another half. Taking to account I have been studying Spanish for only 2 years, I have basics of the language. Scared of the language barrier I made up my mind and started looking for a Spanish family that would be interested to have me as an au pair this summer. And luckily I have found one of the nicest families.  And now here I am as an au pair again, this time of two little boys and in Spain.

I moved to little Spanish town, Alfaro

Alfaro is in the beautiful province La Rioja. Everyone knows each other there. My first impression is really good, the town is really lovely and welcoming. I came in a very good time, as the town is full of life because of its festivities. I can’t believe how nice people are and how good the food is. The family is really good to me (I guess I am very lucky when it comes to things like that), they help me with every little and big thing I have problem with. Starting with swimming lessons and finding people for language exchange. About the people – I got to know so many of them already. I can’t remember names of more than half of them, which makes me feel really bad, especially as they do remember my name. My Spanish embarasses me but, well, I came here to improve it before I go for Erasmus and I have a feeling that I’m going to get a lot better after these few months. I just hope family is going to be happy with me, and their boys are going to improve their English significantly. I want this summer to be beneficial for both of us.

Why did I start this blog?  First of all, I want to keep in touch with everyone. I want to share my experiences. Maybe someone who is going to read this will decide to become an au pair, go for Erasmus during their study or simply travel the world same like me. Maybe I can help with my knowledge.  I am going try to tell some stories and give some advice. Another thing is that without full-time job and study, summer will be a lot calmer for me and I will have time to write.

To finish this post I decided to post the quote I started year 2015 with:


Have a great week everyone 🙂 ❤